Night to Shine Preview - 1
This video was produced a day before the event and shared with local news stations, online media outlets, and media partners. 
Night to Shine Preview - 2
I produced this video a few hours before the event started. Tim Tebow arrived to meet and greet honored guests and their families. Because of Tim's demanding schedule, he only stayed for an hour before he was off to another city in preparation for Night to Shine. I had less than two hours to edit and finalize this video. 
Night to Shine Recap
Here's a recap video of the main event! After editing the preview video, I had to hurry and get the cameras set up and ready to roll. It was a lot of work, but I had a blast! I edited the video, which was approved days later for a post-event write-up on our social blog, and emailed it to media partners. We also sent b-roll footage to media outlets. 
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