Youth Villages - Dance Video
Here's a fun video project from the creative minds of Youth Village's communications team. They wanted to create a video synced to Beyonce's "Before I Let Go" song. Branches across Youth Village's network uploaded footage of them dancing and singing specific parts of the song. I took all the footage, arranged it, and edited a couple of versions for their annual employee conference in October 2022. 
Employee Spotlight - Nista Fishastion
ARS/Rescue Rooter wanted to produce videos highlighting employees around its corporate office in 2021. The videos were intended for external audiences to increase recruitment efforts. I filmed and edited more than 20 of these employee spotlight videos.
Sexual Harassment Scenario A
I produced a series of short videos that demonstrated sexual harassment in the workplace. This project started easy but turned into a challenging day of production work. 
We produced twenty-four videos from scripts written by ARS's HR and legal teams. I hired and managed a small production team, professional actors, and we shot all the videos in one day (the production included eleven cast and nine crew members). I directed each scenario and edited the final videos.
Sexual Harassment Scenario B
Another sexual harassment scenario video. Despite the long hours and challenging production, I loved working on this project. Opportunities to tell stories and create engaging content are why I produce videos!
Plumbing Pro Tech - Job Preview
I traveled around the country, producing a series of job preview videos for HR in 2018. The project's goal was to help ramp up ARS's recruiting efforts and give applicants an inside look at available roles in the organization. 
It was a lot of fun meeting and interacting with people across the enterprise. I conducted the interviews and produced the videos with help from members of the communications and HR team.
Store Sales Associate - Job Preview
Another job preview video that I enjoyed filming. ARS is one of the largest partners of The Home Depot and staffs employees in their stores nationwide. I had the opportunity to see the store associate in action and better understand his job. This first-hand experience allowed me to produce more accurate and informative videos for external audiences.
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