VH1's Basketball Wives
In late 2020 a producer friend asked me if I would help her with a project. Executive producers from Truly Original, LLC. were looking for a film crew to record interviews for VH1's hit reality show, Basketball Wives. 
This project was challenging but worth every bit of effort! As a producer and director, I hired the crew, secured the gear, and led the team for over three months. 
In this short clip, you can see our original green screen interview and the final broadcast video.
Andre's Dirty 30
LGBTQ influencer, Andre Walker-Jones, approached me to film his 30th birthday dinner. However, he wanted it produced in the style of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and to use the video as a pilot for a reality show. 
This project was unique and a lot of fun to produce! I hired a small camera crew and production assistant to bring Andre's vision to life. We used wireless mics to capture the audio, and while it was a nightmare to edit everything, it came out great. 
WARNING: The video features strong adult language and mild sexual content. 
The She-EO Mindset
Nicole Gates is a business coach and strategist. She asked me to help her produce a show that would inspire women entrepreneurs, and I loved her "She-EO" concept! I filmed and edited 12 episodes which are available on Roku and YouTube. 
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